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So, week 2, Day 2. Tara and I realized that as of Monday, my times have gotten slower since the first day I ran. So, we thought it would be a good idea if she came with me. What I learned – I am sloooow, which may explain why I haven’t been seeing any real gains over the last week. I’ll have to pick up the pace from here out.

Also, I was handed the reins of a rather large FB group yesterday. It’s dedicated to working toward getting Scion to reboot their grassroots marketing campaign. I was able to pull in a few new members, and we number nearly 1900 people now, so this should take up a lot of my time. I plan to go after Scion over the next few days, and see if I can get a contact in their corporate offices. From there, I think small vendors will be the key. I’m not sure where to go just yet, to be honest. I will just look around and hopefully I will find my way with this one.

So, I didnt post on Monday, but…

The Blerch can suck it. I am redoing week one this week, mainly because I want to get better form. I am 2/3 of the way through it now, and am feeling pretty good. Lets see how shitty next week makes me, though. The nice thing about this is that I can (and am) taking my time to make certain that I am doing it right, while still getting the success I need and want. As of today, I have dropped around 15-20 lbs, and am starting to feel the difference. I can wear jeans a couple of sizes smaller already, and I will be glad when my shirts follow suit. Well, breakfast is ready, so time to go. See you in a couple days.

The Blerch and the Oatmeal

Recently, I stumbled across this comic from one of my favorite online artists:

I think that TheOatmeal doesn’t get enough credit for just how well-thought out his comics are. I talked to the wife, and we ordered the running shirt from his website. We also ordered a FitBit Flex for me, and a FitBit One for her. We waited for their arrival, and since we had no big kids to watch the little one for a little over a week, we took some time off from our new routine to get a decent baseline.

So, today I restarted operation “Get your lazy butt in better shape”. Day 1 was rough, but this is how it goes – after a few weeks,m Ill look back on how easy this was in comparison.

The running shirt is awesome, by the way – it almost feels like I am wearing no shirt at all. The FitBit is pretty cool as well, but I plan to write a little more on it than I want to include in this post, so watch for it a little later.

Running from the fatman, day two

Made it through the second day, not as painful as day one, and I found myself actually wishing for a little more of a challenge. It was really nice to work through the soreness, but I fear that tomorrow will be much worse than yesterday. I got in 1.58 mile, which may not seem like much, but the number should steadily climb.

A little note on the app: I think that I found the fix for the alerting issue. There was a setting that said “allow pausing music” I set it to on today and viola! – the girl’s voice is now surrounded by a nice brief pause. I can hear her fine, no problems.

Running away from the fatman.

Been overweight my whole life, really. Time to change that. On September 16th, 2013 I started the couch to 5K regiment over after not running for quite a long time.

I had forgotten how much the first days of this hurt.

Today, I am recovering from that first outing, sore as I can be, but looking forward to tomorrow morning to try and work out some of that pain. It is truly amazing that I was up to running thirty minutes straight a short time ago, but am now having trouble with the one minute intervals in the first day’s program.

Also, I need to mention that I am not overly happy with the C25K app I was using (Total C25K) worked well enough with two exceptions:

  1. The alerts were quiet, and if I were breathing heavily, or if the music was especially loud, the girls voice saying “Run” or “Walk” just seemed too little notice – perhaps a “Walk in 3….2….1″ type notification would work better?
  2. Facebook didn’t get the uploading of my time/distance information -I think that I will start logging it here anyway, but I would like to have had the ability to do it automatically.



Ok, I have tried this in the past, but I think I am going to do it this time. Welcome to – I plan to write about a few different topics here – technology, geeky interests, a little about cars, even some about my new workout regimen. With time, I hope to grow the site to a much more mature blog than I have put up here before.


Wish me a little luck, and I hope to be able to stick to it this time.