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The Blerch and the Oatmeal

Recently, I stumbled across this comic from one of my favorite online artists:

I think that TheOatmeal doesn’t get enough credit for just how well-thought out his comics are. I talked to the wife, and we ordered the running shirt from his website. We also ordered a FitBit Flex for me, and a FitBit One for her. We waited for their arrival, and since we had no big kids to watch the little one for a little over a week, we took some time off from our new routine to get a decent baseline.

So, today I restarted operation “Get your lazy butt in better shape”. Day 1 was rough, but this is how it goes – after a few weeks,m Ill look back on how easy this was in comparison.

The running shirt is awesome, by the way – it almost feels like I am wearing no shirt at all. The FitBit is pretty cool as well, but I plan to write a little more on it than I want to include in this post, so watch for it a little later.